The Retail Leaders Conference, Nigeria 2016


The Retail Leaders Conference (TRLC), Nigeria 2016 will hold on Thursday, June 16, 2016 @ Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island Lagos NG

The Retail Leaders Conference (TRLC) brings together the very best of local and international retail thought and practice leaders to speak, hear, brainstorm, discuss and align on the key issues, challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian Retail Industry and importantly how to drive sustainable growth for the Industry.

This year’s theme “ Unlocking Retail Potentials for Survival, Growth & Sustainability ” was picked because of the dual challenge of survival and growth that is probably what is keeping most retailers awake at night.

Nigeria is experiencing major economic challenges – from infrastructural to bureaucratic challenges and lately the challenges of foreign exchange and liquidity in the system and more.

Faced with the current realities, a lot of retail organizations are needing to take drastic measures to fight for their sustainable survival. Some retailers are cutting costs fast, by shrinking store footprints, limiting SKUs, tightening up supply chains, or cutting store labour etc.

Beyond this, there is the chance of ‘death’ and opportunities for ‘growth’ in every strategic option that retailers are presented with:

“I need to have the 2nd store for growth; Mishandling the 2nd store can wipe out the business”.

“We need to accelerate our growth; Growing too fast without the right capabilities will come back and haunt the business”.

What options do retailers have and what strategies can they adopt to guarantee their survival not only during this uncertain and challenging economic times, but grow their business in a way that is sustainable both now and in the future?

These are the kind of questions/issues that this year’s conference will provide answers and road maps to.

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