Riashapers.com offers waist training program with Waist sculpting Garments

Hourglass at riashapers.com
Hourglass at riashapers.com

Riashapers Company, birthed in 2015 is Nigeria’s No. 1 online store providing Authentic United States of America Waist Cinching and body sculpting garments to ladies worldwide especially in the Nigeria Market

Hourglass at riashapers.com
Hourglass at riashapers.com
We at Riashapers own a belief in the overall beauty and confidence of the modern day Nigerian woman. Many have introduced slim teas and/or flat tummy teas which have actually not worked. Some have even used celebrities to promote repackaged teas and pay these celebs to act, get people deceived to buy a product that isn’t functional and/or even approved. Let us take your minds back in time.
Women everywhere are raving about the hourglass figure and the weight-loss solutions that the waist shapers, girdles and shape wear create before the advent of deceivers of slimtea and flat tummy tea products. Waist shapers immediately sculpt the midsection through compression, while supporting the back and lifting the bust, creating an overall slimmer and curvier silhouette shape for a better Nigerian Sexy Woman. They support long-term slimming by increasing thermal activity and perspiration. This mobilizes fat and toxins, maximizing the work your muscles do every day thereby giving you that gorgeous physiques that make
heads turn to say: ‘WOW…, See Curves’.

The Riashapers Team serve a retail customer base that continues to grow bigger and our services ensure high levels of convenience and customer satisfaction. Our affordable prices guarantee, order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support representatives, to mention a few constitute part of our core values and it is part of the reasons we have gained popularity in the Nigerian Market.


Our Waist Trainers are affordable and available for purchase. NATIONWIDE PAYMENT ON DELIVERY OPTIONS AVAILABLE TOO. Visit our website: www.riashapers.com or communicate with our Esteemed Trained Customer Service Executives:

Call/Whatsapp: 09092218805, 09092218815, 09039304444.

BBM: 592CA004

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