Update: The Retail Leaders conference 2016

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These are retail management vibes that resonated from the key speakers in the just concluded Retail Leaders conference at Eko Hotel, Lagos themed ” Unlocking Retail Potentials for Survival, Growth and Sustainability”

“You must understand your customers, know who they are” – Ibukun Awosika, Chairman First Bank of Nigeria Plc

Temi Oshikoya, CEO/Chief Econonic Strategist, Nextnomics talked about the new flexible exchange rate policy and how it affects businesses. “The gap between market rates will close up as a result of the new FX regime” Overtime the forwards and future should reduce FXR pressure by boosting investor confidence .”The inflation rate will become higher as a result of new FX policy”

Is it a challenging time or is it a time for opportunity?What will you differently? We were the first fashion retail business in Nigeria to use POS machines ? Somewhere along the line we ended up with leaders without conscience, and this a big problem go Nigeria.  – Adenike Ogunlesi Founder & CRO of Ruff n Tumble

Bukky George, Founder/CEO Health Plus & CasaBella., spoke on the Topic: Growth through the Learning Curve. “Technology is the back bone of retail” she says. Corporate pricing is important, you have to price right. Every is about communication, everything is about selling. Identify customers who can potentially switch to your brand.

Rahul Murgai, MD RB West Africa spoke on on the topic: The Longevity Secret VS Static Dynamic Strategy Model Thoughts in Closing was shared by Rahul Murgai, MD Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Western Africa before fielding questions in Q &A session that followed his presentation.

How Supermart.ng Works & Why ? – Raphael Afaedor of Supermartng @SupermartNG

Mr Joseph Ebata, CEO of Bervidson Ltd the convener also made his presentation including the closing remarks.





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