Multisensory approach towards shopper experience: A promising trend


Emotions are keys to storing information in the brain. Scent and sound are the strongest.

South Africa’s MoodSense Co. posits their higher quality couture fragrances as against imported ones. Retail space environment have also benefited in this respect.

Takasago showed the improved productivity of workers in scented rooms of lemon and Jasmine. This result is said to be possible because, scents can stimulate the brain to associate scent categories shifting with moods.

A museum that feels things: social media and real – time data from and through its exterior building. Feelings – Exhilarated, carefree, joyful, invigorated, worried, calm and optimistic have been identified. The Museum of Feeling sits proudly in New York City.

This is not surprising as corporate and retail spaces used touch technology to release puffs of scents into the air, creating one of these feelings in their shoppers with profitability goals driving this tactics of marketing.

In other to sincerely reach our audience across different industries, Air Aroma Company does it best: helping translate music notes into fragrance notes and visual designs into scent designs.

Eric Prydz, Epic 4. Show uses his team to create an atmosphere of geometric, twirling and bursting images with digital displays and 3D projection mapping. Audience and viewers are always taken on a journey of surprise and satisfaction.

Looking into the future, retailers and shoppers journey is going to be an exciting and long lasting one.


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