Mannequins as powerful Visual Merchandising Tools


There are millions of mannequins in Nigeria retailers shop today.Most brands and fashionwear use it as visual merchandising tool to reflect their iconic retail identity. The mannequin is the most powerful marketing tool of any brand.

This mannequin from window France has the capability to adopt over 90 replaceable lips, eye lashes which allows brands to keep up with latest trends. As a display tool,

  • It helps to show the shopper how an out fit would look and feel like if used within the same context
  • Retailers also use them to display their seasonal collections and new arrivals.
  • Retailers also use various poses to achieve brand attitude and personality
  • Mannequins bring life and animation to the shops
  • Mannequins come handy when creating themes for a pop up and window displays
    Global_Display_-_Eco Mannequin
    Global_Display_-_Eco Mannequins

    Mannequins are set to become much more dramatic, with increased levels of movement, dynamism and fun. Faces with some features are returning to popularity as faces provide personality, although full realistic figures are still reserved for those with the Visual Merchandising expertise to maintain and utilize effectively,’ he says. ‘Wigs are being further utilised to easily update a mannequin display, and create eye-catching looks which can easily be refreshed seasonally.’

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