Retail Events Nigeria: Lekki African Expo LEAP, 2016


LEKKI AFRICAN EXPO LEAP Commences 7 th of July 2016 Every Thursday. LEAP is a massive, stage-set trade event at which a large number of manufacturers from a particular industry present their products and show their capabilities to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and end-users. This fair will attract participants and visitors from all over the country and provide widespread interactions and exposure. Leap will hold every Thursday from the 7th of July.

LEAP is a fair that is set up in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere; there would be loads of food, drinks and chilling at the special Lavida Bella court set up in the hall. The fair which would kick off at 11am till 11pm every Thursday would also be an opportunity to network and chill after work hour. It is a weekly market where shoppers can get great discounts and exhibitors can get maximum exposure. At the moment there is a huge scamper for stall bookings and a deluge of sponsors already on board. The exquisite Imperial Hall inside The Lekki Coliseum is already contracted to host it for the next one year.

Clearly this is the new weekly market for shoppers and sellers alike to meet and get the best deals under a relaxed and exquisite setting.

Food Fair: This theme will feature food and drink buyers from the specialty and artisan food industry. Take a sizable event hub, combine with a food culture {fast food, BBQ and grills, fine dining, outdoor catering}, mix in passionate chefs, demonstrations and presentations to wine and liquor tasting.

Fashion Trade fair: Will be a gathering of talent and creativity, showcasing the most directional brands in fashion,footwear and accessories.The place to meet fashion producers and retailers from all over Nigeria Runway Shows and Presentations featuring new season collections from designers in the African fashion industry Showrooms featuring fashion products, textiles and accessories Workshops and master classes that facilitate knowledge transfer, information exexchange

Home Decor:  We will welcome attendees from the specialty trade, mail order and catalog order trades, and other retailers that are interested in beautiful living and life indoors and outdoors. Retailers can take advantage of LEAP as a platform for gaining information, and placing orders early in the ordering cycle of the consumer goods trade.
Exhibitors profile to include: Interior decoration, furniture, interior design, living and room accessories, bath and sanitary equipment, kitchen, pictures, paintings and graphics, lighting – light in the room, floral decoration, green areas, office furniture, glass, ceramics, home textiles, wall coverings, electronics, design objects.

Entertainment: Music within the event hub, companies set up booths to sell their products and to solicit new contacts. The trade show is mainly for networking, and you will find business partners from different music and entertainment genres who rarely get to see each other face to face meeting up, band handing out demos and labels handing out samplers while individuals move around freely mingling with upcoming talents whilst being wowed by the showbiz industry.





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