Key fabric trends for 2017


COMPLEX GEOS: Geometrics take on a retro sensibility and have complexity created by combining colors, altering sizes, made3D appearance as well as patchworking and geos printed on a faux


ECOCENTRIC MIX: Find wonderful treasures from our grandma’s attic. Of course mixing patterns, eras and colors is key, as strong geometrics sit well against contrasted florals. We’re inspired by vintage patterns and styling and the eclectic tastes strengthen the intentionally quirky look.


EVERYTHING AND NOTHING: Stark, minimalist and straight to the point verbiage graphics are important for Fall, as their content is as strong as their presentation. Messages of change, power and attitude’s are key, as well as the ironic loss of branding


Hollywood Romance: Sitting co-hesively with Decadence, Hollywood Romance is inspired by the Art Deco artist Tamara De Lempicka. Illustrated, lustful scenes are also important, all of which come together with heavy shadows, flat color and exaggerated lines.


INDOCHINE: Calligraphy is another artistic expression for Fall adding subtle texture and movement to our womens silhouettes. Slight color is added, and thickness of the brush is experimented with, as our south east asian influence is key


KITSCH RODEO: The cowgirl image is back, although for Fall it takes a modern, fun and vivid twist as the repeated patterns are over the top in color and size and illustrated scenes add strength.


PROPAGANDA:Propaganda is of course inspired by Russian Constructivism, with the powerful red, white and black palette, the, poignant imagery is uprising, rejects the idea of autonomous art and instead values the importance of individuality, art and love. Therefore rebelling against the propaganda, which subsequently sits with our other post war expressions.


Courtesy: Fashion snoop



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