A look into the retail space:THE PLACES’ RESTAURANT

store design the place restaurant
store design the place restaurant

the place

A look into the retail space:THE PLACES’ RESTAURANT reveals good design practices expected of a food store. The retail brands’ identity is  VISUAL and MEMORABLE. This comes as the newest addition to the brands retail spaces and outlets in Lagos; Ikeja being the heart and central business district.

Store branding                                                                                                              The yellow and red colours conveys the stimulating effect of hospitality services offered in store. The table tops colour blocked the red seating chairs of minimalist design of contemporary flavour for the eyes to admire. Yellow walls banded with reds further tells the store story. Floor tiling provides cozy ambience for the environment. The pop roofing is well fitted with bright primary lighting fixtures. This is complemented by accent lighting and blue flooded lights. From the outside the brand logo shines the brand colour. Mirrored glass provides easy inner view.

The place store design pictures

Meet Kola Adewale, Founder The Place

kola-adewale,founder the Place
kola-adewale,founder the Place

Meet Kola Adewale, founder of The Place, a string of hospitality and entertainment outlets that started out nine years ago in Ikeja, Lagos. Between then and now, he has established The Place Lekki and The Place Victoria Island, with an Alausa outlet in the works and more planned for the future.  We bring you excerpts of an interview with this experienced business man as published by Thisday

Building different yet complimentary businesses wasn’t the plan in the beginning. The Place founder, Kola Adewale, admits as much. The first The Place opened for business nine years ago in Ikeja, originally as an eatery selling sumptuous meals that.

“That was what I could see making money, something I could start small and grow into,” Adewale explains. Later on though, the idea of blending the food with a lounge/ bar occurred to him. “It was later that the whole club idea evolved.”

In his mid-forties, Adewale is unassuming, soft-spoken, calm but witty.  We are at his office at the Victoria Island outlet, the most recent of the three currently open.  He doesn’t cut the picture of a club owner, especially if flamboyance is what you attach to a restauranteur cum hotelier. He looks like the cerebral type, a blue-chip company executive.

On why he left a lucrative daytime job for business, Adewale says:

I did 16 years with KPMG, an accounting firm that used to be Arthur Anderson in Nigeria,” he says. There was a year overlap between leaving his prestigious job and starting his own thing.  “I started The Place in 2006 then left KPMG 2007.“ However, the conception of starting his own business was many more years before. He was gaining expeience helping others with their businesses.

“I started with the accounting practice and business advisory for small businesses from the early days, so my 16 years was primarily management consulting, which gave me broad exposure in the running and managing of businesses. It gave me confidence that I had the skills to run any business.  I think the question was which one will be viable, which one I would be able to put my savings in as there was little or no support from the banks for a start-up,” he reveals.



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